shopping 对话作文内容:1。Do you like shopping?why or why not? 2.where do you usually shop here?

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——On what I need.



——It depends.

——Depends on what?


——Oh,I see.Where do you usually shop here?

——Wow,a hobby.

1、将会每每个人这半个月某些忙,好多好多 今天才回复您,见谅。

——Hi,Lisa!Do you lIke shopping?Why or why not?

——Yes.People say,in ancient time,females were mainly in chage of choosing and picking fruits and other food,while males mainly preyed.Evolved for so long tme,these natural characters have changed to shop and many other forms.

——So long.


——Hi,Jhon!I like shopping very much.You know,most females like shopping,even if they don't know what to buy.Shopping to them is a kind of hobby.

——I know.See you